Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're on Facebook and the first contest

Hi everybody. Stewart here. Since our community hasn't spoken up at all, despite the fact I know you're out there somewhere. I'm gonna give you some incentive.

First up, we're now on Facebook: So come and like us bitches. It's an easier way to make friends and influence us to play games you wanna suggest. That's right, we're open to suggestions. Especially with Pick up the dice and play, a new thing we're doing which would be up if I hadn't lost both the first episode of that and the next Zeros to Heroes episode, so that's my bad. I'll run it down for you guys:

New player joined us, he rode into our town while Lauren and Christian were on patrol duty. Our two warriors saw a carriage being assaulted by goblins, and said carriage had the symbology of the Holy Flame on it. After fighting off the goblins and finding the carriage carried a nun who had medical supplies for the town, Lauren helped her back to town.

However, while this was happening, the goblins had dug underneath our walls and started to set fire to our town, bringing Christian running back as fast as he could. Ellerin was shocked to discover that the stable next to the inn was burning, and saved the inn by knocking the supports from the stable, just in time for our new village occupant to get his horse out of there and take up the fight with the goblins, ineffectively, but that's what this campaign is all about.

Christian, back at the village, singled out the biggest, almost Orc-sized goblin in the town, and after a long fight, got him in a headlock, threw him to the ground, looked him straight in the eyes and intimidated the hell out of him, with the help of some Weird Shit, that being the fact the Orc saw his own death. Hopefully that goblins lives up to his end of the deal and stays out of the town.

Second, I'm announcing a contest! Tell us your best or worst moment where you either lived by the die, or died by it and the best story will get a copy of Burning Wheel Revised: Fantasy Roleplaying System, and the Character Burner. We'll even pay the shipping cost. So send in your stories, either in the comments here or to and we'll judge them. I'll cut this so we can start judging at the end of March, so get your entries in quick!

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