Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There are days guys, there really are...

Hey everybody, as said, on with the blogging, cause I've still got that whole hosting problem.

So, there are days where I'm really ashamed to be a nerd, and when I say that, I don't mean one element of nerdom, like tabletop RPGs OR video games OR wargaming OR ccging OR... you get the picture.
When I say this, I mean I'm really ashamed to be a nerd completely, just because there are others in just one aspect of nerdom that make me feel like it's being held back because of a few group members.

I speak of this because of a video game. Two video games actually, speciffically Minecraft and Fortresscraft. I'm guessing a lot of you know that what Minecraft is, we've mentioned it a couple times on the podcast and it's pretty big right now. For those not in the know, Fortresscraft is a game that is said to "draw heavily from Dwarf Fortress, not Minecraft" as someone who has seen both games in action...yeah, 'nuff said.

But the part that ashames me is that there are arguments, serious, flame war style arguments going on about whether this is a rip-off or not, and most of these devolve into an argument about whether or not Minecraft is a ripoff. Of these games, I'm only a very dedicated player of Minecraft, as I was not aware of Fortresscraft until this afternoon, but even still, the videos of it hurt my eyes, so I'll be steering clear.

These arguments sadden me as a nerd because of just how often something like this happens and people will wreak their shit over it. Look at almost any FPS nowadays, show me interesting game mechanics that have not been copied. (Bulletstorm excluded, it looks very interesting and I want to play it, I just haven't had the chance), for point: Halo and Call of Duty, different settings, different characters, different weapons, exact same gameplay. You shoot things, those things die.

This isn't even a pure video game thing. I've gone to my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) and heard people call different games, clones. Now, in my opinion, it's much harder to make a clone in the tabletop industry because if there's a game that does everything better, then people will play that one, not a clone. But the thing I heard was an argument about how Pathfinder was a DnD clone.


Yeah. It is....

Some days guys. Some days.

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